Could you save up to $7000* on Advanced Wound Care?


The total cost of wound care to the Australian healthcare system is around $2-4 billion annually – pressure ulcers alone cost $286 million annually (based on hospitalisation costs only). 

The burden of chronic wounds is only going to increase in the future due to our ageing populations and the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases (e.g. diabetes).

We know that Negative Pressure Wound Therapy is clinically more effective than traditional wound care and it offers significant economic benefits.

  • Reduced costs associated with hospitalisation and the length of stay
  • Reduced costs of GP visitations
  • Expedited wound healing means a reduced number of dressings 
  • Reduced dressings means reduced health care hours

It’s hard to put a price on the increased quality of life that a patient will enjoy with NPWT but we did try and put a price on the cost savings they might enjoy. 

Managing a chronic wound for 90 days could cost anywhere up to $9000* by the time you factor in bidiurnal dressing changes and the associated nurse costs of changing a dressing every other day. 

Conversely, using the VivereX®  NPWT system means you would only need a nurse to change the dressing once in the 10 day period, leading to a significant cost saving. 

Apply a expedited wound healing time of 45days (compared to 90 days with standard treatment) and the reduction in hours and dressings really could add up.

Could you be saving more in Advanced Wound Care? 

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*Cost modelling assumes 90 days standard care for a chronic wound and 45 days for a wound treated with the VivereX.

The RN cost is calculated at $145 per hour, standard care requiring 1.5hrs every second day, and 1hr every 5 days for a check or change of the VivereX unit.

Standard Care dressings costs based on 1 x Aquacel and 1 x Allevyn (15x15cm) = $81

VivereX cost per unit = $220

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