Zetuvit Plus


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Zetuvit Plus is a combined superabsorbent dressing which consists of four layers of different materials. On the wound side, the product features a soft, white, hydrophilic nonwoven (viscose and polyamide. The inner dressing core consists of soft cellulose fluff blended with liquid-retaining polyacrylate polymers. This absorbent core is enclosed in a thin nonwoven fabric that evenly distributes the liquid. On the side facing away from the wound, the product features a green layer of polypropylene nonwoven, which is water-repellent but permeable to air and allows for gas exchange.

Suitable for the treatment of superficial, moderately to severely exuding acute wounds (traumatic wounds, post-operative wounds, lymphatic wounds, arterial leg ulcersand chronic wounds (decubitus/pressure sores, venous or mixed leg ulcers, tumour wounds


Zetuvit Plus


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