Baxter Water For Irrigation

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Sterile water for irrigation is a clear, sterile solution free from particles and bacteria, specifically designed for irrigation purposes and not for injection. It is packaged in a sterile, tamper-evident 500 ml box, which is marked with a lot number and expiration date for traceability.

Storage and Usage:

Store at room temperature.
Use within six months of opening.


Irrigating eyes, ears, and noses.
Cleaning wounds.
Removing foreign objects from the body.
Key Features:

Sterile: Distilled or filtered to remove all impurities, including microorganisms, ensuring safety in medical use.
Non-pyrogenic: Does not induce fever when used.
Security Safety Seal: Ensures product integrity until opened.


Prevents infection in medical settings, such as hospitals, by ensuring the water used for irrigation is free from contaminants.
Suitable for a range of medical irrigation needs, from wound cleaning to irrigating sensory organs like eyes and ears.
Packaging Details:

Each bottle comes in a sterile, tamper-evident box.
Box includes a lot number and expiration date for quality control.
This sterile water is a reliable choice for healthcare providers aiming to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and patient safety in medical procedures involving irrigation.r
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