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“The VivereX uses the latest technology to allow you to deliver NPWT to your patients in the comfort of their own home. It’s benefits include:

– A single use, cansiter free, portable pump with a 10 day lifespan that will deliver up to 10 days of uninterrupted therapy
– Delivery of the optimum pressure (120mm Hg) for wound healing
– Visual indicators for airleak, dressing and battery change
– Portable, canister free and small enough to be placed in a pocket or attached to clothing using its unique fixed clip system.
– Multilayer silicone sterilised dressings, available in 8 sizes.
– A soft silicone layer to provide increased comfort at the wound contact layer that minimises disruption and trauma to the wound bed throughout the wear time and during dressing changes
– An efficient and quiet pump

Using the VivereX early in your patients wound care treatment plan can have significant benefits:
– Fewer wound dressing changes and less wastage
– Fewer wound complications mean there is a lower likelihood of hospital readmittance
– Cost savings for the HCP and the Patient versus standard care
– Allows for quicker transition of patient back into the community”

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