Urgo K2 Compression Bandage

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The Urgo K2 compression system sounds like an advanced solution for managing various conditions requiring compression therapy, particularly aimed at promoting venous return and reducing edema.

Features and Benefits:
– PresSure System Technology: This technology ensures that the recommended therapeutic pressure of around 40 mmHg is applied effectively from the first application. This eliminates the need for prior training and ensures safety and ease of application.
– Two-Layer System: The Urgo K2 system consists of two bands designed to be used together. The first layer, the KTech band, is in direct contact with the skin. It’s composed of a complex of viscose and polyester wadding with an elastic fabric of polyamide and elastane. This layer provides moderate resting pressure. The second layer, the KPress band, made of polyamide and elastane, provides strong walking pressure. Both layers combined offer durable and comfortable effectiveness, regardless of ankle size.
– Pressure Levels: The system achieves a high pressure level of around 40 mmHg at the ankle, which is recommended for therapeutic benefits.
– Massage Effect: The compression system offers a massage effect during walking, with moderate resting pressure and strong walking pressure. This promotes venous return and helps reduce edema.
– Comfort and Compliance: The system provides a high level of comfort, allowing for day and night wear, which improves treatment adherence and compliance. Additionally, its ability to remain in place for up to 7 days enhances convenience for the wearer.

Overall, the Urgo K2 compression system seems to offer a comprehensive solution for managing conditions requiring compression therapy, combining effective pressure application with comfort and ease of use.

Available size:
18 – 25cm / 10cm
25 – 32cm / 10cm




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