Urgo K2 Compression Bandage Light

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UrgoK2 is a two layer compression bandage system designed to spread the pressure across two dynamic layers. UrgoK2 benefits from the Urgo Medicals technology PresSure System.

With the PresSure System, UrgoK2 provides the gold standard levels of pressure achieved with four layer compression bandaging in only two layers (40 mmHg on average) and a comfortable, effective, non-bulky method of applying the necessary therapeutic pressures required to treat venous leg ulcers, chronic venous oedema and lymphoedema whatever the ankle size (18-25 cm or 25-32 cm).

UrgoK2 gives accurate, sustained compression over 7 days.

UrgoK2 is designed to be worn continuously day and night throughout the period of treatment.

– UrgoK2® is a two-layer compression bandage system, benefiting from the PresSure system
* Layer 1- KTECH: short-stretch bandage, providing compression, protection, and absorbency
* Layer 2 – KPRESS: cohesive long-stretch bandage, providing the additional compression necessary to achieve the therapeutic pressure and securing the bandages in place.
– Efficacy and compliance thanks to the unique Pressure system technology
– Accurate pressure of 20mmHg achieved from the first application
– Pressure and position maintained for up to 7 days
– High level of patient comfort day and night
– Latex-free

Available size:
18 – 25cm / 10cm
25 – 32cm / 10 cm




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