Ugo Fix Catheter Strap

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The Ugo Fix Catheter Strap sounds like a fantastic solution for individuals needing support for various types of catheters. Its features seem thoughtful and practical, aiming to enhance comfort and mobility while ensuring security. The inclusion of patient-friendly instructions and a laundry bag for convenience adds to its appeal. Plus, the option for multiple sizes and adjustability speaks to its versatility. It seems like a well-designed product that could greatly improve the daily lives of those who rely on catheters.

– All five sizes are fully adjustable and can be cut to fit
– Simple design to keep tubing in a fixed position, absorbing any pulling on the indwelling catheter yet allowing natural movement – so there’s no tension on the urethra or bladder neck
– Clear instructions, enabling correct, convenient fitting
– Reusable, washable hypoallergenic fabric strap with silicone technology to ensure a firm grip to the skin without slipping or irritation
– Effectively assists in supporting the leg bag, ensuring comfort as it fills, when used with the Ugo Fix Sleeve
– Ideally complemented by the Ugo Fix Sleeve and Ugo Fix Gentle (catheter clip)

Available size:
Short 45cm
Long 130cm


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