Ugo Community Leg Bags 350mL Lever Tap Direct Inlet

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The Ugo Leg Bags offer a specialized solution for the containment, retention, and discharge of urine, catering to various catheter systems such as suprapubic and urethral catheters, as well as sheath systems.

Positioned at the bag’s apex, the non-return valve ensures urine remains contained within the bag, preventing backflow up the drainage conduit.

With outlet tubing facilitating a secure connection to overnight drainage bags, uninterrupted overnight drainage is assured.

Our Ugo Leg Bags feature a user-friendly stepped connector for secure attachment to any indwelling catheter.

Choose from a range of 12 options, including T Tap and Lever Tap drainage valves, with volumes available in 350ml, 500ml, or 750ml capacities. Tube length options include short, long, and direct inlet tubing. Additionally, opt for Ugo Leg Bags with soft fabric backing (1-8C) for enhanced comfort, or choose versions without fabric backing (1-4H) for clinical settings, offering easy wipe-clean surfaces.

Unit: Each & Box of 10


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