Triple Safety Insulin Pen

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m|devices Triple Safety Insulin Pen Needle is intended for subcutaneous injection of insulin in the treatment of diabetes and helps prevent needlestick injury during injection and disposal. The user is protected with the safety shields protecting both the patient end and cartridge end. The pre-covered needle tip offers an extra level of safety protection against the risk of needle stick injury.

This device is packaged in a sealed sterility barrier and It can be used by physician, health care professional or patient itself.

This product can be used with the following brands of insulin pens: Sanofi Aventis, Lilly, Novo Nordisk, Owen Mumford and Berlin Chemie.

– Shield locks automatically at the injection end after injection to help prevent accidental needle stick injury.
– Shield locks automatically at the insulin pen end after injection to assist in preventing accidental needle stick injury upon disposal.
– Pre-covered needle tip to further reduce the risk of a needle stick injury
– Safety indicator is revealed once safety mechanism has been activated
– Less resistance during safety mechanism activation and needle penetration
– Several needle gauges and sizes available to meet all clinical requirements
– Coloured needle triggers to assist with easy needle length identification: Green 4mm Purple 5mm Orange 6mm Blue 8mm
– Lubricated needle for a smooth injection
– Compatible with various popular brands of insulin pens

Available size:
Needle 30G x 5mm
Needle 30G x 6mm
Needle 30G x 8mm
Needle 31G x 4mm
Needle 31G x 5mm
Needle 31G x 6mm

Unit: Box of 100





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