tg grip Tubular Support Bandage

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tg grip Tubular Support Bandage size A (4.6cm x 10m) BX/1 tg grip is ideal for effective management of strains, sprains, soft tissue injuries and dressing retention. It can be used to provide support and relief of ligaments, tendons and joints.

Skin-friendly, breathable fabric provides comfort and effective tissue support for the wearer. The seamlessly knitted tube adjusts to body contours and evenly distributes pressure.

Quick and easy application; tg grip can be fitted, removed and reapplied without clips, pins or tapes.

Available size:
A 4.6cm x 10m
B 6cm x 10m
C 6.5cm x 10m
D 7.5cm x 10m
E 8.75cm x 10m
F 10cm x 10m
G 12cm x 10m
J 17.5cm x 10m
K 21.5cm x 10m
32.5cm x 10m
M 37.5cm x 10m

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