Suprasorb P Heel

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Suprasorb P Heel absorbs wound exudate quickly and efficiently, as the fine-pored PU foam material provides a very good capillary effect right at the base of the wound.

The material conforms to any wound base.

–  The special surface structure of the Suprasorb P wound contact layer is the all-rounder in wound management
–  Gentle on easily injured surfaces like healing wounds.
–  The semi-permeable PU carrier layer provides an adequately moist wound environment.
–  The dressing reliably maintains its shape even after fluids have been absorbed.
–  Impermeable to bacteria and water.

Suprasorb P is easy to apply and pleasantly soft and comfortable to wear. Suprasorb P is available in four versions: non-adhesive, self-adhesive, sacrum, and Heel. The self-adhesive version has an additional skin-friendly adhesive edge

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