Suprasorb Liquacel AG

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Silver nanotechnology makes the difference. Suprasorb Liquacel Ag’s cellulose fibres contain surface and internal nanosilver particles. Its anti-microbial effect is long-lasting and consistent over time. Silver nanotechnology destroys biofilm and is effective against a broad range of pathogens. It has a stable structure with a high conformability to the wound bed.

– Reinforcing cellulose fibres stabilise the structure
– Gelling cellulose fibres conform to any wound bed
– For moderate to heavily exuding wounds
– Ideal for both superficial and deep wounds
– Can be cut to fit all shapes and sizes
– Can also be used under compression
– Protects the wound edge
– Promotes effective exudate management
– Traps bacteria, debris and exudate in the dressing

Available size:
5cm x 5cm
10cm x 10cm
15cm x 15cm
2cm x 45cm

Unit: Each & Box

Lohmann & Rauscher


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