Suprasorb Liquacel Hydroactive Fibre Rope

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Suprasorb Liquacel Hydroactive Fibre Rope 2cm x 45cm BX/5 Suprasorb Liquacel reduces the risk of maceration by vertically absorbing and transferring exudate to the secondary dressing. Suprasorb Liquacel gels on contact with wound exudate, trapping exudate, debris and bacteria.

As Suprasorb Liquacel is easy to cut when dry, it is easy to apply/pack. It is equally simple to remove. When moist, Suprasorb Liquacel can be readily removed in one piece. This minimizes the risk of dressing residue being left in the wound.

Available sizes: 2cmx45cm
Unit: Single and Box of 5

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