Supra Plus Catheter

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Supracath Catheter SupraCath, exclusively from Endotherapeutics, offers several features to enhance patient comfort and allow maximum drainage, making it the Gold Standard in long-term catheterisation. Compared to foley-style catheters, the SupraCath tip is short and soft which minimises bladder irritation, while the open-ended design and large side holes provide maximum drainage. The integrated balloon allows the SupraCath to be placed through suprapubic incisions that are 2 sizes smaller. The SupraCath is hypoallergenic, made from soft, medical-grade silicone for increased comfort and flexibility. New Depth Marking to ensure accurate placement during catheter exchange and a convenient luer lock spigot at no extra cost that can be easily removed for any other flow valve.

Available size: 20g


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