Suction Catheter Round Tip “Y” Type Control Vent


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m|devices Suction Catheters, Round Tip with Y Type Control Vent, are specifically designed to assist with a smoother insertion through endotracheal and tracheostomy tubes. Available in a variety of diameters for both paediatric and adult lengths of 100mm, 380mm and 560mm. Features a unique smooth closed distal end with bilateral eyelets, soft clear tubing, incremental measurement markings commencing at 4cm from the distal tip and a stepped connector to connect easily to suction tubing.

Available size:
5Fr, 380mm Grey
6Ft, 380mm Light Green
8Fr, 560mm Light Blue
10Fr, 560mm Black
12Fr, 560mm White
14Fr, 560mm Green
16Fr, 560mm Orange
18Fr, 560mm Red
8Fr, 100mm Light Blue
10Fr, 100mm Black
12Fr, 100mm White

Unit: Each & Box of 50





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