Stopcock – 3 Way

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MDevices 3-Way Stopcocks are sterile instruments added to IV administration sets and designed for simultaneous infusion delivery through the multiple ports, bolus medication delivery and providing multiple access to the infusion line as required. The 3-Way Stopcock must be primed before connecting to the patient end. MDevices 3-Way Stopcocks are available in three types including white 3-way stopcock, blue lipid-resistant 3-way stopcock and yellow lipid-resistant 3-way stopcock. The white and the blue lipid-resistant versions are supplied with a swivel lock and allow for 360° rotation and a transparent housing which ensures excellent visibility. These stopcocks need a minimum amount of priming fluid and are capable of taking pressures up to 4.48bar (65Psi). They also have arrows on the handle providing the indication of direction flow. The yellow lipid-resistant stopcock provides a  45° rotation. It can be used single handed and offers  tactile feeling when the handle locks into the desired position. This version also provides great visibility and requires a minimum amount of priming fluid.

Available size: Lipid Resistant (Yellow)
Unit: Box of 50





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