Sorbact® Compress


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Introducing Sorbact® Compress, the advanced wound care solution designed to revolutionize your treatment protocols. Featuring the innovative DACC™ (Debriding Active Cleansing Cloth) coating, this product offers a unique approach to managing wounds.

Sorbact® Compress effectively binds bacteria and fungi without absorbing wound exudate, creating an environment that inhibits microbial colonization within the wound bed. This proactive approach to infection prevention promotes the natural healing process while reducing the risk of complications.

Versatile and adaptable, Sorbact® Compress can be seamlessly integrated into various wound management techniques, including Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT). Its compatibility with NPWT systems allows for enhanced efficacy and improved patient outcomes.

Trust Sorbact® Compress to provide comprehensive wound care support, addressing infection prevention, wound healing facilitation, and compatibility with advanced treatment modalities. Elevate your wound care standards with Sorbact® Compress today.

Available size: 7 x 9cm
Unit: Single & Box of 40





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