ReadyWrap Fusion Liner

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Introducing ReadyWrap™ Fusion Liner, the ultimate solution for targeted compression precisely where you need it. Designed to cater to both maintenance and transition phases of therapy, this innovative liner delivers reliable compression to the foot and ankle. Whether it’s day or night, during high-energy activities or moments of relaxation, ReadyWrap™ Fusion Liner stands ready to support you.

Key Features:
– Off-the-Shelf Convenience: Ready to use whenever you need it, no hassle involved.
– Versatile Usage: Ideal for both daytime and nighttime wear, adapting seamlessly to your lifestyle.
– Activity Adaptability: Whether you’re engaging in high-energy pursuits or taking it easy, this liner offers consistent support.

– Lymphedema
– Edema
– Leg ulcers
– Venous insufficiency
– Alleviating leg fatigue and tiredness

Experience the comfort and effectiveness of ReadyWrap™ Fusion Liner, your partner in managing a range of conditions with ease and confidence.




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