Prontosan Irrigation Solution Ampoule

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PRONTOSAN IRRIGATION SOLUTION AMPOULE 40ml The two ingredients have lower surface tension than each ingredient alone and lower than water and saline solution, allowing for physical removal of wound coatings.

Available in 1 L bottle, 350 ml bottle and 40 ml ampoule

– Safe to use throughout wound healing and can be used up to 8 weeks after opening
– Direct application from 350 ml bottle produces up to 7 PSI for selective mechanical debridement
– Rinse or cleanse acute or chronic wounds thoroughly as recommended in the Wound Bed Pathway
– Can be used independently or for further treatment Prontosan Gel if indicated

– For cleansing infected and non-infected acute or chronic wounds
– For cleansing, moistening and lubricating wound dressings for the management of ulcers, burns, post-surgical wounds and abrasions
– During dressing changes to loosen encrusted wound dressings

Unit: Each and Box of  30





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