NS Suction Tubing – with stepped connector

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m|devices  sterile Suction Tubing is available in smooth flexible, ribbed and special soft tubing in a variety of different lengths with one or two hexangular connectors or stepped connectors. The Suction Tubing is intended to be connected to an instrument (Yankauer, Poole, Ferguson/Frazier suction handles) to clear blood and large quantities of fluid from the surgical field during surgery, additionally can be used to remove saliva, secretions and vomit from the airway.  One end of the suction tubing connects to the instrument of choice and the other is attached to a receptacle which is connected to wall suction or a stand-alone device. Special Soft Suction Tubing is primarily used with Ferguson/Frazier suction handles when finer manipulation is required during surgery e.g. ENT and neuro procedures.

Available size: 0.48m
Unit: Each & Box of 150





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