Nebuliser Kit / Elongated Shape / 10mL Nebuliser Jar

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m|devices Nebuliser Kits are available in 4 different mask sizes; Paediatric Standard Shape, Paediatric Elongated Shape, Adolescent Standard shape and Adult Elongated Shape.  A mouth piece only kit is also available.  They all include 2.1m and 3m kink resistant star lumen tubing and a 10mL jar. All kits are made from medical grade PVC.

Nebuliser Kit Elongated Shape adult size are made for better patient comfort that have standard connections along with an adjustable strap. The kink resistant star lumen oxygen tubing is also encompassed within the Nebuliser Kit and is available with a mask or mouthpiece. It also has clear volume marking on the nebuliser jar.

– 4 sizes available ranging from Paediatric to Adult
– Standard shape and Elongated shape options
– 10mL jar included
– Kink resistant star lumen tubing
– Mouth piece versions available AN082000NS
– Standard connectors

Available sizes:
40mm Pink
50mm Blue
60mm Black
70mm White
80mm Green
90mm Yellow
100mm Red
110mm Light Blue
120mm Orange

Length: 2.1 tubing

Unit: Each & Box of 50





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