MoliCare Skin Cleanse Foam

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MoliCare® Skin Cleansing foam is used in cases of fecal incontinence to dissolve stool residue gently from the skin.  It is simply sprayed on the stool residue, covering it completely.  The foam is allowed to soften the stool briefly, then it is wiped off with a tissue (Molicare® Skin Moist Skin Care Tissues) without rubbing or scrubbing.  For fecal incontinence, this way of cleansing is very kind to the skin.  It neutralizes odour, has a pleasant scent, pH 5.5 skin-neutral, alcohol-free formula and contains creatine to stimulate the skin’s own barrier function.

– Water-free cleansing
– Suitable for faecal incontinence
– No water required
– Odour neutralising
– pH 5.5 to maintain t he skin’s acid mantle and natural protection layer
– Creatine to support the skin’s natural barrier function
– Refreshing scent with patented odour neutraliser





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