MoliCare Premium Men Pad


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MoliCare Premium MEN Pads are specifically shaped for the male anatomy. Suitable for people with slight incontinence who wish to continue to wear their own underwear.

The MoliCare Premium Men Pads is designed to protect against very slight urinary incontinence or dribbling. It features an adhesive strip to keep it in place, and a soft, breathable back-sheet to ensure maximum comfort.

– Unique ‘v’ shape provides extra absorbency at the front where it is needed
– Soft elastic in the crotch area guarantee ideal fit and comfort
– Skin friendly top layer pH 5.5 works to match natural skin functions
– Dermatologically tested adhesive strip to secure the product within underwear
– Designed to be worn within own underwear

Available size: One size
Absorbency level: 2, 3, 4, 5 Drops
Unit: Pack of 14, Carton of 112, Carton of 168





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