MoliCare Premium Lady Pad

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MoliCare Premium Lady Pads are manufactured by Hartmann and are female incontinence pads for light to moderate bladder weakness. Specifically designed with the contours of the female body in mind, these incontinence pads are anatomically shaped for maximum comfort.

The MoliCare Premium Lady Pads are perfect for incontinence related to stress, maternity, or post-vaginal surgery. With their elastic leg gathers, these female incontinence pads have a secure fit to prevent leakage and the odor neutralizer that is integrated into the pad helps prevent unpleasant odors. These incontinence pads also feature a breathable textile-like back sheet and are skin-friendly with an antibacterial layer that helps maintain the skin’s neutral pH value.

Available size: One size
Absorbency level: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Drops
Unit: Pack of 14, Carton of 168, Carton of 252





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