Mepilex Transfer Ag

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Mepilex Transfer Ag is an antimicrobial exudate transfer layer designed to allow exudate to transfer to a secondary dressing. You can use it to treat exuding burns and chronic and acute wounds.

The antimicrobial action reduces bio burden in the wound. Mepilex Transfer Ag has been shown to inactivate wound relevant pathogens (bacteria and fungi) from within 30 minutes up to 14 days, as shown in vitro1. An international consensus states that an antimicrobial action is indicated to help reduce bio burden in infected wounds. And acts as an antimicrobial barrier in wounds at high risk of infection or re-infection.

Mepilex Transfer Ag adheres gently with Safetac the original less-pain contact layer with silicone adhesion. So your patients experience less pain during dressing changes.

– Less painful dressing changes
– Rapid and sustained antimicrobial activity
– Designed for exuding wounds and for large partial thickness burns
– Easy to use for difficult-to-dress wounds
– Can be cut to suit different shapes

Available sizes: 7.5×8.5cm, 10×12.5cm, 20x50cm, 12.5×12.5cm, 15x20cm
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