Lomatuell Pro Gel-forming contact net


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Lomatuell Pro is a gel-forming mesh contact consisting of a polyester tulle lattice and a coating compound made from a polymer matrix, Vaseline and hydrocolloid. When the hydrocolloid particles come into contact with wound exudate, they gel; thus keeping the wound environment moist, while preventing the wound dressing from sticking to the wound. The Vaseline moisturizes dry wound areas and the wound edge.

Lomatuell Pro is particularly easy to apply, as it can be cut to size and applied on either side. Lomatuell Pro is used in combination with a secondary dressing, is very soft and is atraumatically removed with minimal pain.

– formation of a gel layer made up of petroleum jelly and hydrocolloid particles
–  atraumatic dressing changes
– easy to use
– can be used on both sides
– can be cut to size for different sizes of wound and areas of the body
–  support for the wound healing process
– risk of adhesion to the wound is minimised
–  flexible, supple material
–  good exudate drainage into the secondary dressing
– low-pain dressing changes

Available in sizes 10cmx30cm, 5cmx5cm, 10cmx10cm, 10cmx20cm

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