Lomatuell H Ointment tulle

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The Lohmann-Rauscher Lomatuell H ointment tulle does not contain any active substances and provides a rapid and sterile covering for many different types of wounds. This ointment dressing is impregnated with white Vaseline, can be combined with all tried and tested wound care products and prevents the dressing from sticking to the wound.

Use of Lomatuell H promotes the draining of exudate from the wound, ensures good ventilation and promotes the natural healing process.

Product Details:

–  Sterile, paraffin gauze ointment tulle made from cotton
– Impregnated with white Vaseline
– Wide-meshed woven tulle to facilitate exudate drainage
– Non-adhesive, does not stick to the wound
– Painless dressing changes
– Can be combined with wound-specific medication
– Promotes wound healing
– Ensures good ventilation and sufficient wound aeration
– individually sterile sealed

Available in sizes 10cmx10cm, 10cmx20cm, 10cmx30cm, 5cmx5cm

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