Iodosorb Cadexomer Iodine Powder 3Gm Sachet

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Iodosorb* powder is a sterile formulation of acute cadexomer iodine. When applied to the wound, it cleans it by absorbing fluids, removing pus and debris and forming a moist gel over the wound surface. As Iodosorb swells in situ the active iodine is released, killing resident micro-organisms in the wound site and changing colour.

– Iodosorb powder contains 100% cadexomer iodine powder.

– Helps Promote Wound Healing
– Pus and debris are removed effectively
– Iodosorb helps to promote a clean wound-healing environment
– A change in colour indicates when Iodosorb should be changed
– Gel formed over the wound can help to facilitate moist healing.

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