Foley Cath – TT, Silicone, 2-Way

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The 2-Way Foley Catheters with Tiemann Tip are made from 100% medical grade translucent and flexible silicone. Equipped with all the features of the traditional Foley Catheter, the Tiemann Tip version is designed to support the more demanding insertion. The symmetrical balloon expands equally in all directions to ensure reliable positioning in the bladder. After deflation, the balloon minimises potential ridging.

– Radiopaque
– Symmetric Balloon
– Long indwelling time of 8 weeks
– Translucent silicone
– Colour coded
– Latex free
– Peel open pack
– Material: Silicone
– Length: 41cm
– Balloon size: 10mL
– DEHP: No
– Shelf life: 5 years
– ARTG number: 211796
– Sterile EO

Available size:
12Fr5-10mL 41cm (White)
14Fr5-10mL 41cm (Green)
16Fr5-10mL 41cm (Orange)
18Fr5-10mL 41cm (Red)
20Fr5-10mL 41cm (Yellow)
22Fr5-10mL 41cm (Purple)
24Fr5-10mL 41cm (Blue)
26Fr5-10mL 41cm (Pink)

Unit: Box of 10





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