Foley Cath – Std, Silicone, 2-Way


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Our 2-Way Foley Catheter is made from 100% medical grade translucent and flexible silicone. Standard and Female lengths are indicated for both urethral and suprapubic catheterisation and our Paediatric sizing is indicated for urethral catheterisation only. A symmetrical balloon design supports reliable positioning and minimises the potential for ridging.

– Standard and Female lengths Indicated for both urethral and suprapubic catheterisation
– Paediatric lengths indicated for Urethral catheterisation
– Suitable for paediatric, male and female patients
– Symmetrical balloon
– Smooth round, tapered tip
– Bilateral eyelets for effective drainage
– Radiopaque
– Colour-coded
– Long indwelling time of 8 weeks
– Standard length codes have printed high contrast incremental markings from 6cm to 30cm

Available size:
12Fr 5-10mL 45cm (White)
14Fr 5-10mL 45cm (Green)
16Fr 5-10mL 45cm (Orange)
18Fr 5-10mL 45cm (Red)
20Fr 5-10mL 45cm (Yellow)
22Fr 5-10mL 45cm (Purple)
24Fr 5-10mL 45cm (Blue)
26Fr 5-10mL 45cm (Pink)
16Fr 30mL 45cm (Orange)
18Fr 30mL 45cm (Red)
20Fr 30mL 45cm (Yellow)
22Fr 30mL 45cm (Purple)
24Fr 30mL 45cm (Blue)
26Fr 30mL 45cm (Pink)

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