Fluidized Heel Boot

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After the sacrum, the heel is the second most common site for pressure ulcers. The heels are particularly vulnerable to pressure ulcers due to the anatomical shape of the calcaneus and the lack of subcutaneous fat and muscle combined with poor perfusion.

The Molnlycke Z-Flex Heel boot can help prevent and manage pressure ulcers a as part of a comprehensive pressure ulcer management protocol – by offloading the heel and relieving pressure.

The Z-Flex Heel boot includes positive air displacement and a fluidised positioner to fully offload the heel and redistribute pressure over the Achilles. An integrated air chamber also helps support the lower leg and prevent overextension of the knee.
The foot position is adjustable via ankle positioning straps so you can customize the position and easily reposition, according to each patient and situation.

The Z-Flex Heel boot is easy to use, with a built-in gate for quick access to inspect the heel without the need to remove the device.

– Adjustable shin straps to accommodate different leg sizes
– Fully offloads the heel and redistributes pressure over the Achilles
– Integrated air chamber helps support the lower leg and prevent overextension of the knee
– Built-in gate allows skin assessment
– Facilitate use of sequential compression devices

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