Dauerbinde F Long Stretch Bandage

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Dauerbinde F in a new quality, proven and reliable.

Long-stretch and variable compression  these attributes characterize the Dauerbinde F. All versions are used as supporting and pressure-relieving dressings for ligaments and joints. Long stretch bandages have a high resting pressure as a result of that they have to be removed when the patient is resting and at nights sleep. Additionally, because of their easy-to-use characteristics, even people with little experience can easily apply them. These bandages conform well to body shape due to their soft fabric. Both bandages are washable and easy to clean.

Made of 63 % cotton, 28 % polyamide, 9 % spandex.

Available size:
10cm x 7m stretched
12cm x 7m stretched
6cm x 7m stretched
8cm x 7m stretched

Lohmann & Rauscher




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