Cystofix Replacement without Guidewire

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Cystofix® SG is a range of four puncture sets that offer additional safety to suprapubic catheterization thanks to the:

Well known Seldinger technique, widely used in central venous catheterization1) and percutaneous nephrostomy.2)
18g puncture needle (1,3 mm) much thinner than most SPC trocars and cannulas (that can be up to 8 mm)

Cystofix® SG comes along with a wide range of exchange sets that allow long term suprapubic drainage when needed.

The set includes:
– Long handle scalpel
– Smooth color coded shape dilator from CH10 to CH16 allowing choosing the size which best fits the patient
– Silicone catheter with integrated low profile balloon
– For easier removal with reduced risk of cuffing.3)
– For easier insertion at catheter replacement (no ridge).
– Can be replaced repeatedly as appropriate over long periods of time4)
– Seldinger guide wire with flexible tip
– Spigot
– 18g (1,3mm) puncture needle of 12cm length that is much thinner than most SPC trocars and cannulas (which can be up to 8mm).
– Syringe for balloon Inflation
– 20 ml syringe for injection of anesthetic

Size: 40cm
CH: CH12, CH14, CH16, CH18, CH20
Unit: Each and Carton of 5





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