Cutimed Sorbion Sorbact

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Cutimed® Sorbion® Sorbact® is the first super-absorbent dressing that also prevents or combats infections, in wounds with high levels of exudate. Sorbact® technology binds micro-organisms and removes them from the wound through hydrophobic interaction. In combination with super-absorbent properties, this unique dressing ensures reliable exudate management and effective infection control.

– Effective treatment of infected wounds by Sorbact® wound contact layer
– Non-woven layer ensures optimal distribution of the exudate through the dressing and prevents the exudate from leaking back to the wound bed. (This reduces the risk of softening)
– Super-absorbent core absorbs large amounts of exudate
– Suitable for under compression
– Hydrophobic top layer reduces the risk of leakage and protects clothing and bedding

Available size:
10 x 10cm
10 x 20cm
20 x 20cm
20 x 30cm





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