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Coverflex® Fast is a seamless round knitted permanently elastic tubular bandage mainly made of viscose. Coverflex® Fast can be used as secondary fixation for application in combination with primary dressings. Under supervision of healthcare professionals as a moist dressing in dermatology when moistened in the acute phase of atopic eczema in a special moisture and ointment therapy for application in combination with liquids, ointments and cremes; as a dry dressing in dermatology in the chronic phase of atopic eczema for application in combination with externa such as ointments, cremes, powder, tincture/lotion, paste and as an inner lining for long-term prevention of skin irritation for application in combination with compression, zinc paste, support, cast, adhesive and cohesive bandages. 91 % viscose 5 % polyamide 4 % elastane.

This silk-like fabric provides a protective covering for delicate skin, reducing the likelihood of tears and damage Protects any clothing worn over the bandage because the fabric minimises strike through May be steam sterilised

Available size:
3.5cm x 10m Red
5cm x 10m Green
7.5cm x 10m Blue
10.7cm x 10m Yellow
17.5cm x 10m Beige

Unit: Each



Coverflex Fast


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