Cervical Dilating Balloon Procedure Pack – Standard

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m|devices Cervical Dilating Balloon Procedure Pack has been specifically designed with clinicians to support the insertion of the m|devices Cervical Dilating Balloon. The sterile pack provides all of the necessary items used for this procedure, from the sterile field for the setup trolley through to the inclusion of the m|devices Cervical Dilating Balloon, assisting the clinician with maintaining infection control principles, eliminating collection times and significantly reducing individual packaging waste.

The m|devices Cervical Dilating Balloon features a round closed distal end which meets infection control principles by maintaining a closed system and clear markings for balloon capacity on the balloon lumen and printed batch have all been considered to assist the clinician with ease of use. High contrast position markings have been printed on the shaft to assist clinicians with the placement of the Cervical Dilating Balloon.

– Specifically designed “fit for purpose” procedure pack
– Inclusion of the m|devices Cervical Dilating Balloon 100% Silicone, closed distal end with high contrast position markings printed on the shaft
– Significant reduction in individual packaging waste
– Pack allows for an efficient setup time and assists with maintaining infection control principles
– Batch tracking sticker provided
– Clinician’s valuable time no longer spent collecting individual items

Available size: Standard
Unit: Box of 30





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