Cellona Xtra POP Bandage

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Gauze bandage porously coated with plaster compound. Exceptionally fine texture giving enhanced mouldability.
Ready-to-dip Plaster of Paris bandages with exceptionally fine creaminess giving enhanced mouldability; for casts applied in circular turns, for immobilisation after fractures, operations and orthopaedic corrections; for treating joint and bone disorders.

Cellona Plaster of Paris bandages are fully soaked after brief immersion.
The finished cast has an early weight bearing after approx. 30 minutes; it is fully set after approx. 24 hours.

– versatile
– ready to dip
– soaks through rapidly and evenly
– very creamy
– easy to mould

Available size:
6cm x 3m
8cm x 3m
10cm x 3m
12cm x 3m
15cm x 3m
20cm x 3m

Box of 10
Box of 30
Box of 36
Box of 48
Box of 60

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