Brava Adhesive Remover Spray 50ml


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Adhesive remover is used to make the removal of your appliance easier.
The sting-free Brava Adhesive Remover enables you to remove your barrier and leftover residue easily. It doesn’t contain alcohol, so it doesn’t sting or hurt the skin. It dries within seconds and does not affect further adhesion, leaving you ready to apply a new barrier.

The Brava Adhesive Remover comes in two forms: a spray and a convenient wipe. The gentle spray makes it easy to remove the barrier, while the wipe gently removes adhesive residues left on the skin. The wipe’s discreet packaging makes it practical for traveling or use on-the-go.

Issues with leakage, skin irritation or odor. The Brava Online Tool helps you to find the right solution.





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