Portex Bivona Inner Cannula

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Introducing the Bivona® Inner Cannula: your essential tool for maintaining optimal airway hygiene and managing secretions with ease.

In any tracheostomy care regimen, maintaining hygiene is paramount, and the Bivona® Inner Cannula simplifies this task effortlessly. Without an inner cannula, managing secretions and ensuring cleanliness can be challenging, potentially leading to discomfort and trauma for the patient during tube removal and changes.

The Bivona® Inner Cannula is designed for convenience and patient comfort. Its easy removal and cleaning process make it a crucial component in preventing discomfort caused by complete tube changes. With a simple grey ring pull on the inner cannula tip, identification and insertion into or removal from the tracheostomy tube are effortless, streamlining the care process for both patients and caregivers.

By facilitating regular cleaning and maintenance, the Bivona® Inner Cannula significantly reduces the risk of tracheostomy tube blockage, ensuring uninterrupted airflow for the patient’s respiratory needs.

For added convenience, each inner cannula is intended for single patient use and can be cleaned up to 400 times during its 29-day lifespan, providing a cost-effective solution without compromising on hygiene or efficacy.

Choose the Bivona® Inner Cannula for superior airway hygiene management and seamless secretion control, promoting patient comfort and well-being with every use.


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