Bivona® Adult TTS™ tracheostomy tube

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Introducing the Bivona Adult TTS Tracheostomy Tube: the ultimate solution for comprehensive airway management. Engineered with innovation and patient comfort in mind, this cutting-edge tracheostomy tube offers a multitude of features in one seamless design.

Crafted from high-quality silicone material, the Bivona TTS tube ensures maximum comfort for patients with sensitive tracheal mucosa or stoma sites. Its flexible construction adapts effortlessly to the trachea, providing unparalleled comfort and minimizing trauma upon insertion.

What sets the Bivona TTS apart is its unique dual functionality. With the cuff inflated, it forms a secure seal between the tube and the trachea, safeguarding against aspiration and optimizing respiration during mechanical ventilation. Conversely, when the cuff is deflated, it snugly rests against the shaft of the tube, facilitating weaning from a ventilator and enabling clear, natural speech—a crucial feature for patient communication and rehabilitation.

Designed for versatility, the Bivona TTS eliminates the need for multiple tube changes, offering a tracheostomy solution for a wide range of airway management needs. Whether for patients requiring intermittent or nocturnal ventilation, leak management, or those ready for weaning and speech therapy, the Bivona TTS delivers unparalleled performance and convenience.

Enhanced with a wire-reinforced tube shaft, the Bivona TTS ensures superior kink and crush resistance, providing durability and reliability in any clinical setting. Its Superslick™ coating minimizes secretion encrustation, making cleaning and suctioning effortless.

With clear pilot balloons for easy cuff identification and the ability to be reprocessed up to ten times, the Bivona Adult TTS Tracheostomy Tube combines innovation, comfort, and sustainability in one comprehensive package. Whether in hospitals or home care settings, trust Bivona TTS for superior airway management solutions.

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