Baxter Water For Injection 1000ml

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Discover the pure and sterile solution essential for various medical applications with freeflex® Sterile Water for Injection. This high-quality product is specifically designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals for diluting or dissolving drugs, washing small wounds, and performing minor surgical procedures.

Key Features
100% v/v Sterile Water: Composed entirely of sterile water, free of any antimicrobial agents, ensuring the highest purity for medical use.
Clear, Colourless Liquid: Easy to inspect visually for clarity and purity.
Convenient Packaging: Supplied in 1000mL freeflex® bags, each designed for single use to maintain sterility.
Innovative Ports: Unique self-sealing ports with finger guards, designed for safety and ease of use, preventing contamination after needle or spike removal.

Volume: 1000 mL per bag
Appearance: Clear and colourless
Storage Conditions: Store below 25°C to preserve quality and effectiveness
Unit of Measure: Each (1 bag)

Diluting or Dissolving Drugs: Ideal for preparing medications for injection or infusion.
Wound Washing: Suitable for cleaning small wounds to prevent infection and promote healing.
Minor Surgical Procedures: Used during minor surgical procedures where a sterile solution is required.

Storage and Handling
To ensure the integrity and effectiveness of freeflex® Sterile Water for Injection, store the product below 25°C. The unique design of the freeflex® bag ensures easy handling and maintenance of sterility during use.

Why Choose freeflex® Sterile Water for Injection?
freeflex® Sterile Water for Injection is trusted by healthcare professionals for its purity, convenience, and innovative design. Whether you need to prepare medications or perform minor procedures, this product offers a reliable and sterile solution.





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