Atrauman Ag

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Atrauman® Ag is a non-adherent silver-containing barrier dressing for atraumatic wound treatment.

Take the Atrauman Ag from the peel pack with both cover papers in place and, if necessary, cut it so that it fits the size of the wound by applying sterile conditions. Atrauman Ag should overlap the wound and should be about the same size as the secondary dressing. Remove the cover paper on one side. Either place the free side on the wound and then remove the remaining cover paper (see pictograms 1 – 5) or use sterile tweezers or sterile gloves to pick up Atrauman Ag from the second cover paper and place it on the wound (see pictograms a-f). Atrauman Ag should be applied in a single layer, do not fold or apply in multiple layers. Secure a suitable sterile, secondary dressing (either absorbent or superabsorbent dressings, foam dressings or gauzes e.g. Zetuvit Plus) according to its use instructions over Atrauman Ag to absorb wound exudate. The efficacy of the barrier dressing lasts for up to seven days. Unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor or medically indicated, a new Atrauman Ag dressing should be applied at each dressing change. The wear time of one dressing shall not exceed seven days.

Available size:
5 x 5cm
10 x 10cm
10 x 20cm

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Atrauman Ag


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