Allevyn Gentle Border Heel Dressing


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The ALLEVYN Non-Adhesive Foam Heel Dressing offers an ideal solution for delicate and sensitive skin. Featuring a non-adherent wound contact layer and a soft, comfortable design, it caters to the needs of fragile skin with care. Specifically tailored for the heel area, this dressing ensures a snug fit, even on the most challenging part of the body, ensuring comfortable dressing.

ALLEVYN Non-Adhesive employs a unique triple-action technology, combining an absorbent hydrocellular pad with a non-adherent wound contact layer and a breathable top film. This innovative design effectively manages fluid, maintaining optimal moist wound healing conditions for enhanced recovery.

The outer polyurethane top film promotes high breathability, preventing strikethrough, and serves as an effective barrier against bacteria.
The non-adherent wound contact layer gently protects the wound without sticking, making it suitable for fragile skin types, including those with epidermolysis bullosa wounds.

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