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Molnlycke Z-Flo Fluidized Positioners facilitate the redistribution of pressure over a greater surface area. The fluidized Molnlycke Z-Flo positioners offer ‘mold and hold’ support, conformed to patient anatomy, without flattening or returning to their former shape.

Molnlycke Z-Flo is designed to offer continuous protection by holding the patient in the desired protective position over a period of time. When used as a part of an overall turning protocol, Molnlycke Z-Flo, once molded, will hold its shape until remolded.

Molnlycke Z-Flo is designed to be molded away from or around vulnerable areas, such as ears or existing wounds, as well as medical devices, and is available in a range of sizes to accommodate multiple anatomical sites and clinical scenarios.

– Conforms to and supports the patients body
– into desired position until next reposition
– Enables various degrees of turn when positioning a patient
– Redistributes pressure over a greater surface area
– Won’t flatten or heat up like rolled towels and blankets
– Molds and holds molds to individual patient and anatomic shapes and holds until repositioned
– For single patient use only, but can travel with one patient across care continuum
– One study with healthy volunteers found that Molnlycke Z-Flo reduced the exposure of occipital tissues to peak stresses by up to 65% when compared to medical foam.
– One study showed a statistically significant reduction in occipital PUs by 87.7% during one year when compared to the use of pillows for intensive care patients.
– Safe for use in CT and MRIÂ

Available sizes: 30x51cm, 41x76cm, 64x91cm

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